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Born in Karacabey - Bursa on January 11, 1989. My parents and most of my relatives still live in Karacabey. This place is known Hara and Turkish Jockey Club.

I spent 4 years in T.C Ziraat Bankası Balıkesir Science High School. First year was english prep school and the next three years were the high school education.

My university education started in 2007. First year was the english prep school. The next five years were my engineering education.


Learning continues for lifelong.

T.C. Ziraat Bankası Science High School

High School - Graduated: 2007

In 2003 when i was 14, went to boarding school. 4 years which spends in the high school, are maybe the most important years of my life. I have lots of real friends. I keep in touch most of them. I was the captain of the table tennis team in the high school. I was good at table tennis, but i must confes, join the team to skip the school. I apologize to my teachers. Some times boarding school become so boring for 14-17 years old students. High school is sometimes boring, sometimes painful, sometimes entertaining. But if you ask me is good or bad, I have good feelings, memories and friends in there.

Yeditepe University

Bachelor of Computer Science Engineering - Graduated: 2014

First year in the University passed English Prep School. I meet lots of people which is not engineering student. I think this is good for me because I would have been spending my time with my engineering friends for the next few years. First year in the school football tournament we limp out of the cup in the finals, second year and third year we were eliminated by the champion team in semi finals. This years are very joyful for me. In the second year of the engineering faculty I interested Microsoft Programming Development Technologies and learned Visual Studio, Asp.NET and C#.


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İstanbul, Ataşehir

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